Here are some frequently asked questions about our company and its product:

Q: In simple terms what is so special about your BEAVER43 Sunblock?
A: As it says on every tube- What BEAVER43 doesn't do is as important as what it does do.
 In particular BEAVER43 will:
• Give you full UV-A and UV-B protection
• stay on all day (even in salt water)
• provide SPF of 30+
• be easily removed with soap & water

   But it won't:

• sweat off
• sting your eyes or taste bad on your lips
• leave a greasy film on skin or equipment
• clog pores

      And it's PABA free.
Q: We saw your BEAVER stuff being highly recommended in (choose one): (a) national fitness
magazine; (b) Dr. Whitaker's Health & Healing newsletter; or (c) Dr. West's Health Alert, but we
can't find it in our drug stores! Where can we buy some?
A: First, try your local sports (scuba, outdoor, running, cycling, etc.) shops. Second, check our “Where to Buy” link for a Beaver43 retailer near you.   If there is no retailer in your area please contact us directly.  Also, check with your local dermatologists as many of them have arranged to offer BEAVER43 to their patients.
Q: Can we order by phone/the Web/e-mail with a credit card? 
A: Sorry, not at this time. Basically we are the formulator/distributor, and our primary business is
opening and servicing retailers ... so more of you will have a local, knowledgeable source. But we
do offer a mail order service for any consumer without a nearby retailer.
Q: What is the SPF of your product?
A: The new regulations will only allow us to say that BEAVER43 provides an "SPF of 30+".  But
you can be sure that we are not going to down-grade our formula, and that our total performance is
considerably higher.
Q: Is a higher SPF important? I've heard that a "15" is all you need ... not true?
A: The smart, progressive dermatologists are now recommending a sun block with an SPF of "at least 30."   We think the confusion came from the early SPF scale that showed SPF protection measured from 0 to 15, and may have given the impression that 15 was all that you could have or  needed. We certainly agree that the added protection beyond "30" is quite small, but we remind friends and customers that the SPF numbers only apply to UV-B protection and it was when we added the UV-A protection that we found a "spill-over" effect that unintentionally improved our SPF figure.
Q: Well if the SPF number only measures UV-B protection what do we look for to tell us about
UV-A  coverage?
A: It's embarrassing to admit, but for more than twenty-five years our industry and the FDA have
wrestled with this question without producing a satisfactory answer! There has been considerable
finger pointing back and forth between the industry giants vs. government, all without any
meaningful progress. And we are sick of it! So for more than a decade Whetstone Labs LLC, and its
predecessors, have moved ahead continuing to formulate only the finest in all-day full UV-A & B
protection in a base that stands up to the strongest demands. And we only do it one way, the right
way: BEAVER43 very water resistant sunblock.
Q: But we see our drug stores and super markets offering brands with lots of different strengths
and types of sun screen products; how can you provide just one?
A: You mean the SPFs of O, 2, 4, 10, 15 and so on?  Blue bottles for little boys and pink for young
girls?  Sprays, lotions, gels and more?  The business truth is that those brand lines are just ploys to
capture shelf space. And with the collusion of the big chains the public has been dazzled with a
rainbow of containers, an avalanche of SPF numbers and a profusion of claims.
Our approach is exactly the opposite.  We formulate just one way: the best that technology
currently allows. And we package just one way: the handy two+ ounce tube that our customers
have said is the most convenient for them. Being a small, boutique lab gives us the flexibility to
react immediately to the latest in field and laboratory research.  The large sun screen marketeers
may spill more in one bulk production run than we produce in a year!  But we know that no one is
offering a finer product.

Q: What's in (fill in the brand) Sun Screen that stings my eyes? Will BEAVER43 sting, burn, etc?

A: From its origin two cosmetic considerations have been paramount in the development of
BEAVER43. These are that it won't sting the eyes nor leave a greasy film on you ... or your
equipment.  Our popularity with the scuba industry has proven our formulation success: a diver
can least afford to have a sun block that's going to sting his/her eyes when they are fifty feet down!
And boat decks and dive equipment are some of the last places where you can allow a greasy film
buildup. Regarding ingredients in other brands that have stung or burned, our research shows that
the greatest problem is caused by the water base products that tend to migrate (move) on the skin,
rather than any particular ingredient. To solve this problem Whetstone Labs LLC formulates without using
water, admittedly a much more expensive way to produce, but the only way to provide a product
that won't move on the skin!
Q: What about applying BEAVER43 under/over my make-up?
A: While we don't claim to be in the cosmetic business we have had hundreds tell us how pleased they are when applying BEAVER43 before or after putting on their make-up. Because it has been designed to be applied as a micro-thin film, BEAVER43 is compatible with many different approaches to skin care.
Q: Can I use it on my children?
A: This is a population segment that has been a particularly pleasant surprise.  Parents discovered
that a BEAVER43 application for their children every morning is the best skin insurance they can
provide because of its broad base protection and all-day durability.
REMEMBER: Pediatric dermatologists recommend caring parents should always test a new
topical for their children by applying a very small amount to a quarter-size area on the child's
forearm, then waiting twenty minutes to see if there is any negative reaction. For children under
two years old check with your physician before using any new product.
Q: If BEAVER43 really is very water resistant, how do I get it off?
A: This formula is designed to be easily removed with soap & water; (abrasion or aggressive
toweling off) will also remove it.
Q: How long will a tube last me?
A: Obviously this varies by individual use. But do note that BEAVER43 is much more concentrated than those topical hand-cream looking products that you typically find on your drug store or super market shelves. These white lotions are called oil-and-water emulsions, and can contain up to 60-80% water! Because BEAVER43 contains no water it may be four to five times more concentrated than the simple sun screens you are used to. Thus, applied properly you may expect to get as much or more protection from one tube of BEAVER43 than you would from eight to ten ounces of a more common product.
Q: What is a "proper application"?
A: Your best guideline is a luxurious, dry velvety sensation.  If you still feel any slipperiness you
are using too much; just go thinner.  As mentioned above the formula is designed to go on as a
micro-thin film that will not clog pores.

Q: Can we get a nearby retailer to carry your product?
A: Certainly. Just send us their store name and phone number and we'll follow-up. You might refer
them to this web site for background information.  Also know that we'll send you one of the famous
BEAVER-43 Ts if your referral decides to carry BEAVER43.

WANT TO KNOW MORE?   Click on the Contact Us link and send us a message or give us a call at (970) 349-7219.

Drug Facts
Active ingredients
Octinoxate 7%
Prevention of Sunburn
Octocrylene 7%
Prevention of Sunburn
Oxybenzone 5%
Prevention of Sunburn
Titanium Dioxide 0.5%        Prevention of Sunburn
Zinc Oxide 1 %

Prevention of Sunburn

• Provides high protection against sunburn.
• Retains SPF after 80 minutes of activity in the water, sweating or perspiring.

For external use only
Stop use and ask doctor if rash or irritation develops and lasts. 

When using this product:
Keep out of eyes. Rinse with water to remove.
Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed,
get medical help or contact a Poison Control
Center right away.

• Apply to skin as often as necessary
• Children under 6 months of age: ask doctor
Inactive ingredients:
Aloe Barbadenis Leaf Juice,
Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Petrolatum
Isopropyl Myristate, Paraffin, Isopropyl
Palmitate, Steralkonium Hectorite, Propylene Carbonate, Fragrance, Propylparaben.